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Updated Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey 2023

What are the Hair Transplant 2023 Costs in Turkey?



Turkey is home to some of the world's top hair transplant centres. Several well-established and JCI-accredited clinics and hospitals in Turkey offer hair transplant surgery at a low cost and a stellar reputation. The country welcomes thousands of medical tourists every year. In fact, around 3% of annual tourists in Turkey travel there specifically for hair transplantation. 

Turkish surgeons excel at advanced FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) procedures. It is the preferred hair transplant method since it leaves no visible scars, causes less discomfort during recovery, and speeds up the healing time.

Most Turkish hair transplant centres provide "All Inclusive" packages for their clients. Surgery, medication, transportation, and lodging are all covered, making it an economical option for patients. These packages assure customers there will be no hidden fees or unexpected expenses, eliminating any doubt about whether or not they can afford the transplant. Furthermore, the country is famous for its rich history and culture, allowing medical tourists to enjoy the perfect mini vacation.

That being said, there's no doubt that Turkey is the best destination for a hair transplant. The only question remaining is regarding the Turkey hair transplant cost.

Generally, the FUE hair transplant turkey costs between $2,500 and $7,500. The overall expenses are about a third or a quarter of those in America or Europe. In other places, such as Dubai and Toronto, the FUE hair transplant surgery can cost anywhere from $8,000 to $18,000. Read on to learn more about updated Turkey hair transplant costs in 2023.  


Factors Determining the Cost of a Hair Transplant in Turkey 

If you're considering getting a hair transplant, you want to find a facility that provides top-notch service and experienced doctors without breaking the bank. Turkey hair transplant cost varies depending on several factors. We've listed below the seven most significant contributors to the overall cost of hair transplants.

1.      Bald Areas

The cost of a hair transplant is proportionate to the extent of the baldness. The cost to treat a small bald spot will be far lower than that of a large one or full head as it takes less time and effort. On the other hand, the price of the surgery will go up if you need a lot of grafts to cover your bald spots. It will also take longer. 

2.      Quantity of Grafts Performed

The cost of a hair transplant might vary depending on the number of grafts required. Your hair transplant surgeon will determine the number of grafts required during your initial appointment depending on your level of baldness and desired results. 

3.      Availability of Donor Tissue

Hair follicles are taken from the back of the head for hair transplant surgery. If your doctor determines that you don't have enough hair follicles in the back of your head, they may suggest harvesting them from elsewhere. Whether it's the chest, beard, or anywhere else, Turkey hair transplant cost consequently increases.

4.      Hair Transplant Method 

The hair transplant method, either FUT or FUE, also affects the overall cost of the procedure. Both FUE and FUT involve removing hair from a donor, but the methods are different. A large scar is left behind when hair is taken from the donor site using FUT. This makes FUT a less desirable and inexpensive method.

5.      Surgeon's Expertise 

Hair transplantation is a complex procedure that calls for extensive training and skills. Experienced surgeons are proficient in using surgical tools and know how to strategically place follicles to create a natural-looking hairline. A surgeon with more experience and training commands higher success rates than their less experienced peers. Therefore, this component is crucial in determining Turkey hair transplant cost.

6.      The Hair Transplant Clinic & Package 

If a hair transplant clinic has a better reputation than its competitors, it will likely charge higher prices. However, you can rest assured you will get a world-class hair transplant with reputed surgeons. Complementary services included in your hair transplant package may also affect the price. It may include the initial consultation cost, medication, accommodation in a five-star hotel, tourism packages, etc.

7.      Other Factors

Hair transplant in Turkey is less expensive than in Europe and the United States for several reasons that have nothing to do with the quality of the services. The first is the relatively low value of the Turkish Lira (TRY) compared to the American dollar and British pound. Additional factors like decreased labour costs due to cheaper living expenditures, government subsidies to the medical businesses, and great competition amongst hair transplant clinics also contribute to the price decline.


Average Cost for a Hair Transplant in Turkey

Turkey is the most cost-effective location for a hair transplant procedure. Your total cost for a hair transplant will be between $2,500 and $7,500. This will cover your medical bills, travel expenses, and hotel stay. According to the latest Statista Report, on average, a 2500-graft hair transplant in Turkey can set you back around $2,676.  

The average price of a graft in Turkey ranges between $0.8 and $2. The typical number of grafts processed in a hair transplant procedure is 3,000, roughly equivalent to 7,500 hairs. The average hair transplant clinic only does 3000 grafts per patient. For this reason, patients considering a hair transplant are typically shown prices based on procedures involving 3000 grafts, as this is considered the middle ground between the extremes. However, patients can receive over 3000 grafts if the donor location is healthy enough for the procedure.

Most Turkish clinics provide discounted packages that cover up to 5,000 grafts. This means that if you choose a discounted package, you will pay the same amount regardless of the number of grafts you need to achieve the optimal look!   

On the other hand, if you base the Turkey hair transplant cost on the number of grafts you need, you'll find that the going rate for a procedure that can potentially yield 3000 grafts ranges up to $5,500. Also, keep in mind that individuals with complete hair loss may require more than one hair transplant session, as 3000 grafts transplanted are unlikely to be sufficient. The number of sessions will also hike the price. 


Cost for an FUE Hair Transplant in Turkey

It's important to remember that the hair transplant cost in Turkey can vary depending on whatever method you opt for. You should consult a hair transplant specialist to determine the best method. 

After analysing your donor-to-recipient ratio and running the appropriate tests, the specialist will advise you on the most appropriate extraction method. Generally, FUE hair transplant is the preferred method for hair transplant. This method involves removing individual hair follicles from one body area and replanting them in another. 

FUE has surpassed follicular unit transplantation (FUT), the former standard that resulted in the "hair plugs" appearance. Surgeons remove and relocate single follicles using micro punches, with nearly no traces of the procedure left behind. FUE is the safer operation, with just a few mild adverse effects, such as bruising, swelling, and increased sensitivity. These side effects are short-lived and disappear within a few days. Following FUE, you can return to your regular lifestyle with minimal fuss. 

The tools used may increase or decrease the FUE hair transplant turkey cost. For instance, using a sapphire blade during the Sapphire Micro FUE hair transplant can increase the cost of the treatment, but it also decreases scarring and speeds up the recovery time. 

Similarly, if you opt for Direct Hair Implantation (DHI), which is also a type of FUE, the surgeon will use Choi Pen to quickly remove and transplant hair follicles. This hair transplant technique is the least invasive and boasts the highest success rate. However, it is also the most expensive hair transplant method. It also requires a large medical team, which further drives the cost. 

Here's a quick comparison of the average FUE hair transplant turkey cost and other countries. It will give you a pretty good idea of the overall expenses based on the type of hair transplant method you choose. 


Types Of Hair Transplant

Price Range in Turkey

Price Range in the Europe

Price Range in America

FUE Hair Transplant

€ 2750 – € 3500

€ 5450 – € 6850

$ 12400 – $ 18900

Sapphire FUE Transplant

€ 2750 – € 5990

€ 5700 – € 6900

$ 14900 – $ 15590

DHI Hair Transplant

€ 2750 – € 4400

€ 7550 – € 33190

$ 12800 – $ 16300

TecniFUE Hair Clinic – Looking Beyond the Costs 

Turkey hair transplant cost is only one factor to consider when deciding whether or not to get a hair transplant. Other important factors include the expertise of the surgeon performing the process, the quality of the medical materials used, and overall experience. 

At TecniFUE International, hair transplant surgeons have a stellar track record. We always put extra care into our work since we know our patients will forever carry their names. We place a premium on the quality of each transplant. The surgery's success and our patient's comfort are our main concerns – not the costs. 

We are here to help, so please don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have any inquiries or need any guidance dealing with your hair loss. You can fill out the contact form or get in touch with us directly to get a personal offer and price quote. 

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